Digester Covers

Fixed »

Used where sludge level in the digester does not vary significantly. Least expensive to design, produce and to install.

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Floating & Gasholder »

Used where sludge level is variable and/or a volume of digester gas is required to be stored under the digester cover.

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Buoyant »

Used where sludge level is variable and/ no digester gas is required to be stored under the digester cover.

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OTI designs and manufactures Spherical Shell Membrane and Structural Truss digester covers. The Spherical Shell Membrane covers are the recognized preferred cover design for steel or stainless steel digester covers.  OTI supplies fixed, floating, buoyant and gasholder covers from 20’ to 125’ diameter.

OTI has perfected Spherical Shell Membrane design with its EZup features that simplify cover installation.  The result is a higher quality digester cover that  complies with all structural and operational design conditions to extend the useful service life of the cover.  It is easier to install, paint, maintain, and is less costly to install.  Some of the EZup features that help to increase cover life and decrease installed costs are:

  • The use of hollow structural shapes (HSS) for all assembly beams and structural members add strength yet reduce installation costs.
  • Shop formed EZup cover panels reduce field welding and the quantity of components required for installation.
  • Simplified assembly and welding of the perimeter thrust ring/side skirt sections reduce costs.
  • Temporary assembly tabs and brackets accelerate cover assembly prior to field welding.
  • Spacers, leveling gauges, weld wedge clips, location tabs, centering gauges, etc. all add to the streamlined assembly and welding of the cover.
  • Elimination of all acute angled joints and seams increase the ability to effectively blast the completed cover and apply protective coatings.
  • Because all of OTI’s covers are partially pre-assembled as a final quality check before shipment, field fit-up issues are prevented.

Many more EZup design features are use to assist with the quality and installation of the OTI covers.  Competitors recognize the workmanship and quality of OTI digester covers “We recognize that OTI has brought new technologies to the field that help make the erection and installation of digester covers easier and safer than options that have been offered in the past.” (Quote from an OTI Digester Cover competitor.)

OTI designs its covers then, OTI’s experienced shop personnel fabricates them to maintain the highest quality and longest lasting digester covers available.

Standard EZup Design


EZup “X” Design