Accessory Equipment

Foam Separators

  • Protects gas lines from periodic fouling with digester “foam”.
  • Stainless steel spray nozzles and internal baffles direct foam back into the digester or to other parts of the plant.
  • Clean-out ports provide access if needed.
  • A variety of arrangements are available for mounting separators on steel or concrete covers as well as on digester building roofs or inside buildings.
  • Standard materials of construction are 304 and 316 stainless steel.


Viewing Ports

  • To prevent fouling the viewing glass is isolated from the digester contents.
  • View port glass can be cleaned while the digester remains in service.
  • Simple and easy to manually clean viewing glass when required.
  • Fusion bonded epoxy finish paint is the standard protective coating system.
  • Speed handles accelerate the cleaning process.


EZLiftTM Manhole Lids

  • Fast and easy to open and close the EZLift Lid for access into the digester.
  • Effective use of the mechanical lever design allows lifting heavy lids with minimal effort.
  • Rotating the lid away from the manhole port is a simple and easy process.
  • 48” diameter EZLift Lids with fusion bonded epoxy finish paint are standard.  Other sizes available upon request.
  • Speed handles accelerate removal and re-setting of the EZLift Lid over the manhole port.


Supernatant Removers

  • Used to decant “clear” liquid from the upper levels of the digester tank.
  • Standard mechanical hand lever for adjustment of draw off level.
  • Designed with a chain and sprocket drive assembly.
  • Chainwheel mechanical adjustment available for less accessible areas of installation.
  • Standard designs allow supernatant removal over a 10’ vertical range.
  • Calibrated indicator helps the operator set the position of the draw off point.
  • PVC draw-off piping is standard; other materials are also available.
  • Cleanable viewing window allows operators to determine the quality of the supernatant.
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