Floating Buoyant Covers

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  • Normally used when sludge level is variable and no digester gas is required to be stored under the digester cover.
  • Although the buoyant covers are more costly to fabricate, the design work is more intensive, and they are generally more costly to install, it is the most stable cover related to potential imbalance or “tipping”.
  • Unique ballasting arrangements fine tune cover performance to specific operating conditions.
  • OTI’s robust slide guide assemblies eliminate rollers and bearings while increasing the strength of the overall guide system.
  • Designed for site specific live, snow, vacuum, seismic, and wind load conditions.
  • Custom-designed cover ports of virtually any size or shape for access, mixers, instruments, etc.
  • Optional top supported structural assemblies eliminate the need for tank corbels.
  • Fabricated steel or stainless steel wall anchored corbels are often part of the design and supply of floating or gasholder covers.
  • Walkways, handrail, platforms, ladders, steps, etc. are available where required.