Dual-Fuel Boilers

To complete digester heating systems OTI often supplies Dual-Fuel Boilers designed to fire on the methane gas produced in the anaerobic digesters. The boiler is used to heat water that is necessary for the heat exchangers to heat  the sludge in the digesters. The Dual-Fuel Boilers can fire on a supplemental fuel source such as natural gas, propane, fuel-oil, etc. at periods when there is insufficient digester gas available.
boiler-diagramclick image to enlarge

The boilers have forced draft multiple-orifice burners with intimate mixing of air and fuel for high combustion efficiency.

OTI will typically provide the boiler, burner, controls, water supply pump, expansion tank, exhaust stack items, etc. all skid mounted ready to be installed.

On occasion we will provide the boiler with OTI’s concentric tube Heat Exchangers to create a Boiler/Heat Exchanger combination unit.