Floating & Gasholder Covers

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  • Normally used where sludge level is variable and/or digester gas is required to be stored under the digester cover.
  • Because the cover sits on a pressurized volume of digester gas, it never comes in contact with the sludge.
  • Unique ballast designs are used to fine tune the design to specific operating conditions.
  • OTI’s robust slide-guide assemblies eliminate rollers, bearings, and lubrication tasks while increasing the strength and service life of guide system.
  • Designed for site specific live, snow, vacuum, seismic, and wind load conditions.
  • Custom designed cover ports of virtually any size or shape for access, mixers, instruments, etc.
  • Optional top supported structural assemblies eliminate the need for tank corbels.
  • Fabricated steel or stainless steel wall anchored corbels are often part of the design and supply of floating or gasholder covers.
  • Walkways, handrail, platforms, ladders, steps, etc. are available where required.